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Cyco Speak

2017-08-19 19:23:42 by killes

Thank you very much. I'd like to thank brother Clark from the Suicidal family for that fine greeting. Anyhow, I wanna jump in real quick, so we can get back to the music, it's jamming. I know you know it and I know it too. But sometimes you gotta go to that extra level, take another step, step back, and get a good running start on it. See, right now I have to get to a point, a point most people won't go because it's a little bit too close to the truth, and the truth isn't something that's gonna benefit them in the way that they want it to be. See, my dad told me a long time ago; "It's not what someone does, it's why they do it that really matters. And that's what you should judge 'em for." People can be the nicest person in the world, but that's only to get you to think they're nice, so they can let down the guard a little bit, and you're there, and then you go in their door, and they mess with your mind! Anyhow, too many people tryin' to get you to think the way they want you to think, what we say; is tryin' to get you to think, whatever way that may be, but to realize the way you're thinking may not be the right way and give it a little extra thought. So with that in mind, the question is; what do we do, why we do? Everyone's got a motivation, and sometimes you gotta judge just to see where that power's coming from, or where they're tryin' to throw it! See our motivation? Being in a band, what we're tryin' to get across, is this right here, that little extra level. You see, most people think they think, but they're not really thinking, so they stop thinking 'cause they thought they already thought, but they never did in the first place, so they stay on their little safety level! So I sit there and I say; if there's all these people so smart, thinkin' so good, how come every day in my life there's so many damn stupid people doin' stupid things? See, wise man once told me, he said; "Mike, there's two clubs. There's the stupid people and the smart people. Ain't nobody blocking the door at the stupid entrance, anyone can go there. But the smart entrance, is a little more exclusive." So where do you wanna belong to? The Country Club, or the Cardboard Shack? The penthouse, or the outhouse? Seems like an easy decision to me. So what we'd all thinkin' about right now is what we're talkin' about, what we're talkin' about is what we're thinkin' about, and that's the whole point; you should think before you talk! So where we're at right now is the place that we want to go. A little bit of help. See, every day, everywhere you go, people do stupid things. Three hundred and sixty five days out of the year, people not thinking. People that have the ability to think, that aren't thinkin'! So what we wanna do, is nominate one day, call it; "International DON'T-BE-STUPID Day". Now what this is gonna do, is be a little reminder, maybe we can wear a pin, maybe you could send a tape to somebody, and when they start do somethin' you say; "Wow-wow-wow, hold on there, partner! Today is "Don't Be Stupid Day", so you can't do that!" So what we want you to do, is just take out 24 hours out of your life, think about all them dumb things that you'd just go right ahead and do, when you know damn well you wouldn't want anyone else to do it, if you really cared about 'em. So start caring about yourself, start using your mind, and as we say; start you brain...

Wolf Down - Flames of Discontent

2017-06-30 16:46:37 by killes

Injustice lies behind every corner

Unquestioning fools choose to bow their heads living with mindcuffs

submissive and blind

No distrust in power kickin down and kissin up

The arm of the law - always on my back always got their watchful eyes following my tracks

this gap between us, the bridges have been burnt

keep cracking the whip, get my scorn in return

Haymaker-First to die

2017-06-06 02:58:38 by killes

"We're way behind we're living on the edge of time
We must get rich becoming poor became a crime
Many promises where made but in the end
The first to die has always been the working man

They tell our kids in school it's like that don't ask why
We gotta work until we're old enough to die
The more we learn the more we still don't understand
The first to die has always been the working man"

Erich Fromm

2017-03-02 14:10:27 by killes

The act of insubordination freed Adam and Eve and opened their eyes. They saw each other as strangers and the outside world seemed alien or even hostile to them. Their act of insubordination broke the primeval bond with nature and made them independent individuals. "Original sin" didn't demoralize men but freed them; it was the beginning of history.


2016-06-20 23:26:03 by killes

Im learning and preparing myself to make some audio n music related stuff.

Im gonna be inspiring on the work of ParagonX9.