Wolf Down - Flames of Discontent

2017-06-30 16:46:37 by killes

Injustice lies behind every corner

Unquestioning fools choose to bow their heads living with mindcuffs

submissive and blind

No distrust in power kickin down and kissin up

The arm of the law - always on my back always got their watchful eyes following my tracks

this gap between us, the bridges have been burnt

keep cracking the whip, get my scorn in return

Haymaker-First to die

2017-06-06 02:58:38 by killes

"We're way behind we're living on the edge of time
We must get rich becoming poor became a crime
Many promises where made but in the end
The first to die has always been the working man

They tell our kids in school it's like that don't ask why
We gotta work until we're old enough to die
The more we learn the more we still don't understand
The first to die has always been the working man"

Erich Fromm

2017-03-02 14:10:27 by killes

The act of insubordination freed Adam and Eve and opened their eyes. They saw each other as strangers and the outside world seemed alien or even hostile to them. Their act of insubordination broke the primeval bond with nature and made them independent individuals. "Original sin" didn't demoralize men but freed them; it was the beginning of history.


2016-06-20 23:26:03 by killes

Im learning and preparing myself to make some audio n music related stuff.

Im gonna be inspiring on the work of ParagonX9. 

ParagonX9(duh)- http://paragonx9.newgrounds.com/